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PRESS – Review ‘Grand Unifier’

Grand Unifier Review – Rock World Magazine

Particle Wave’s ‘Grand Unifier’ is Punkabillyicious

If Nirvana had a baby with rockabilly, you’d have a pretty good idea about what Particle Wave’s third record Grand Unifier is all about. The album is definitely in the zip code of Punkabilly. The title track “Grand Unifier” reflects a kind of loose punk with a strummy rockabilly feel. But the band describes themselves at psych rock and surf-gaze. Okay. Sure. They’d know better than me. They took the drugs.
“I Know” stands out as a crooner SoCal piece of sunshine. “Mr. Lonely” is lovely in its sheer odd ball coolness. This is an album that David Lynch could get behind. Grand Unifier is all kinds of gnarly goodness and just the thing for a day at the beach while you wax your board and hit the waves, tripping balls.
This is also a pure Cali record. The band not only recorded in their old stomping grounds at New Monkey in Van Nuys, California, they also evoked the sun, sand and whoaness that is this particular cost. In fact, Particle Wave nails it.
Grand Unifier is an ethereal record, calling out the ghosts of 70s SoCal and inviting them to dance in the machinery. It’s also a little English rock at times. Great for driving, strolling, lying on your roof, in the large courtyard of your castle…
So the next time you see Roy Orbison and Kurt Cobain having a beach blanket bingo party, you didn’t drop acid. You probably just listened to Grand Unifier by Particle Wave.

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