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Rock’n Beach Cities – Particle Wave
by Shaun Hague
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Since 2006, Bryce Stoddart, Brian Arthurs, Chase Harris and Greg Maechling have been adding their own unique brand of rock/pop to the South Bay music scene. Their band, Particle Wave, will be performing songs off their recent record, “Interference Pattern,” at Saint Rocke Tuesday, May 4.

The Beach Reporter recently sat down with lyricist Greg Maechling about the band’s upcoming show and what the future holds for the local rockers.

The Beach Reporter: Did you all know one another from living in the beach cities area?

Maechling: Our guitarist, Bryce, is my stepbrother-in-law. He was friends with all of the other guys in the band and once we found out we all had music in common, it just kind of took off.

Particle Wave performs at Saint Rocke May 4.

Who writes the songs and where does the band draw its influences?

I write all of the songs for both the music and the lyrics. For myself, I am a big classic rock head. I have always loved the guitar tones of Pink Floyd’s guitarist David Gilmour. Our drummer plays in a shoe gaze band and has brought that element into Particle Wave’s sound, giving it a more modern approach than just classic rock.

Any plans to release some more original material?

I think we will try and head back into the studio by the end of the year. I have my first kid on the way, so we will see how that plays into the picture.

Is everyone a South Bay local?

Everyone is originally from the area except Chase, who grew up in Arizona but has lived in the area for nearly 20 years. I am from El Segundo, Bryce is from Palos Verdes and so is Brian. We’re looking forward to playing Saint Rocke as some of the guys in the band played the club before when it was the Pitcher House.

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